the rewards make all the efforts worthwhile-爱游戏体育最新官网

the rewards make all the efforts worthwhile-爱游戏体育最新官网

fitter from assembly dept.  li junsheng

i remember as soon as i came to haosen in july 2018, the department arranged a two-month professional theoretical and hands-on training for us newcomers. without much practical experience, it was amazing that i mastered the basic skills of assembly in such a short time. and when we were in the field, the department also assigned us a "private coach" who can answer every question and take us by the hand and share assembly experience. if i didn't understand something or didn’t know how to operate some equipment, my "coach" was always available to help me out. he was patient and guided me step by step until i fully figured everything out. this helped me make rapid and amazing progress! now i am capable of independently assembling average machine tools. in 2019, the department organized the 5th fitter skills contest, and i knew that it was a good opportunity to test what i had learned, so i signed up right away. i then realized in the competition, it was nothing but a review of what i had learned from the training and my coach, and i easily won the "fitter's novice award"!


even a hard-working person needs a good platform to make rapid progress in a short period of time; i owe my department and my mentor for all the remarkable things i have achieved. would you like to get the same support as i did? then stop waiting and join us!



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